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What do I need to use

As a basis for the installed Unity Editor is required. This can be the Professional or the Standard license (see questions about the license types below). is practically a plugin for the Unity Editor that can be added to a Unity project. The Unity Editor is available for macOS as well as for Windows and Linux. We ourselves develop on Windows systems.

Which Unity Editor version do I need to install?

Our current releases are always based on the current so-called Long Term Stable Release (LTS). These are versions for which Unity offers particularly long support. Our version numbers always include the LTS version of Unity. So our version 2020.14 is our 14th release for Unity2020. Within the UnityLTS versions, you can always update to the latest without worrying - but you don't need to do this very often, as the LTS versions of Unity are very stable.

Do I need Unity Standard, Professional, or the Industrial Collection? only requires Unity Personal or Unity Professional. The Unity Industrial Collection is not needed, because offers its own CAD interface based on Step. Of course, other CAD formats such as NX, JT, ProE or others can be imported directly with PIXYZ. which is included in the Industrial Collection. However, this offers no advantages over a Step export in the CAD system and Step import in You may use the Unity Personal Version only as a non-commercial user and only for private purposes. Details can be found in the Unity license terms.

Will a newer Unity version than the current LTS release work?

Normally yes, but we always test and guarantee the function only on the basis of the current LTS release. Nevertheless, our releases (e.g. 2020.14) usually also work on Unity2021. However, if there are no urgent reasons for a higher version, then we would recommend that you use the appropriate LTS version of Unity for your projects.

How many licenses do I need if several people in my company work with

All persons working with the Unity Editor - i.e. developing digital twins in it - also need a license. So if two people work with Unity Editor and you also need two Unity licenses, you also need two licenses.

How can I share the Digital Twin and do I need GameAutomation or Unity licenses to do so?

You can distribute the digital twin that you have developed on the basis of as you wish and without license costs for yourself or the recipient. However, not as a Unity project, because for that the recipient would also need a Unity and a license, but as a so-called build. A build is a finished "game" or compiled computer program that was created during the build process. A build can be created in Unity for Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS or WebGL. In the build itself, the model can no longer be modified, i.e. no functions can be added. However, the user can interact with the model in the build, change the view, and the built-in automation interfaces also work in the build.

Is the price one-time and are there maintenance costs?

The purchase price is one-time for the current version. From version 2021 on, there will be a completely new Starter and Professional version once a year - always based on the current Unity LTS release.  This will then replace the previous version and all further developments will run into the new version for one year. For each new version, there is a price-reduced upgrade package for existing customers. New customers who purchased shortly before the release of a new version will receive the upgrade for free.

What IT system equipment do I need?

In general, Unity and work on all standard PCs. Of course, the antimation performance is much more powerful with a good current processor and a good game graphics card. You can also manually reduce the display quality on poorer PCs by, for example, turning off lights or shadows. In general we recommend a PC with at least 16GB memory, 6 and more cores (Unity can use more cores than many other comparable products) and a current game graphics card in the price range of 600-900€.

Can I use the license on multiple computers?

Yes you can, but only on one computer and not on several at the same time. You have to copy the Unity project with the included Asset to the other computer.

Why is significantly cheaper than many competitive products? did not have to reinvent the wheel, but uses the extremely powerful Unity Engine as a basis. Functions like rendering, animations, parameterization, flexible scripting etc. are already implemented in Unity. focuses on adding exactly those functions that a classic mechanical engineer or automation engineer is missing. For example drives, sensors, kinematics, automation interfaces. Many of the older established products had to laboriously implement the basic functions for animation and visualization themselves.

Furthermore, we rely on the experienced and informed customer as well as on direct sales via the Internet. We do not finance a costly sales team, but put all our effort into the further development and improvement of our product.

How powerful is compared to other products?

Nothing is more powerful than game technology. The gaming market is significantly larger than the engineering software market and benefits from the development resources behind it. can simulate and visualize models without making simplifications to the CAD data that do not work or only work with great simplification effort with almost all other established products.

Where is developed and what is the experience background behind it? is developed exclusively in Germany. The functionality is based on our more than 20 years of experience in the field of digital factory, process simulation and virtual commissioning. Before we worked as a simulation and engineering service provider with many of the major simulation and virtual commissioning systems. All this experience and passion and also the desire to redefine the game has gone into the development of Game4Auomtation.

Is there a demo version for

Our demo version is Starter, which you can get for about 10€ in the Unity Asset Store.

You can also buy Professional and test it extensively. If you are not satisfied, we offer a 3-month return policy with full refund.

What is the difference between Starter and Professional?

The starter version serves as a low-cost entry and as a demo version. Some things are not included in the starter version. The starter version lacks the CAD interface as well as all interfaces beyond Siemens systems (Simit and S7-TCPIP). The professional version also contains various tools, that are very helpful for dealing with complex assemblies, such as the CAD Checker or the SelectionWindow for convenient handling of large assemblies.

Are the products CADLink and OPCUA4Unity additionally necessary?

No, these are included in Professional. CADLink and OPCUA4Unity are products for customers who only need the CAD interface or only the OPCUA interface but do not need other functions like additional  automation interfaces, drives, sensors, kinematic tools, signals etc.

Why do I need Simulation? Simulation offers ready-to-use parametric simulation modules for material flow simulation in addition to Professional or Starter. A mechanical engineering company classically needs only the Professional version, since the designs are highly individual and the Digital Twin is built on the basis of the CAD design. Simulation, on the other hand, is for system integrators and companies involved in material flow technology. With Simulation, material flow systems consisting of conveyors or automated guided vehicles can be built up modularly directly in Unity, without importing any CAD data. The most important parameters of the material flow modules (length, width, with / without belt, input angle, etc.) can be entered in Unity and the module automatically adapts its appearance. Furthermore, Simulation is an optimal starting point if you want to build your own parametric library.

How can I purchase a license of

You can buy our products directly from us or through Unity Asset Store. If you buy directly from us, then you will receive a quote beforehand, based on which you can then order. With the invoice you will receive an individual download link where you can download and install your software. Payment is then usually made on the basis of the invoice by bank transfer.

Alternatively, you can purchase our solutions via the Unity Asset Store. There you will not receive an offer, but you pay directly by credit card and you will find our solutions under your assets in the Asset Store for download.

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