OPCUA for Unity - Going to the Asset Store

We are happy to announce, that Game4Automation will be soon available on the Unity Asset Store. This will facilitate the global access to our solution. This is, why we also needed to stop the direct distribution of Game4Automation over our website. All customers who already purchased Game4Automation will get a free transfer to the Asset in the Game4Automation Asset Store. If you did not tested Game4Automation yet, we will keep you informed, as soon as Game4Automation will be available in the Unity Asset Store. We expect this to happen in the next 2-4 Weeks.

We also took a very important (and difficult) development step. We were able to integrate OPC UA with Game4Automation. This means, that now all Unity Solutions which are integrating Game4Automation, are now able to talk the most important Industry4.0 communication protocol. It is now possible to integrate all OPC UA capable automation devices directly with your Unity Solution. And you can compile it with Unity directly to IOs, Android, Windows or Apple.