Game4Automation Conveyor Library - Why unity based material flow simulation is outperforming

I have been working past 20 years with a lot of traditional material flow simulation software systems. Here are some reasons why Unity-based Simulation with Game4Automation is outperforming traditional simulation solutions.

  1. Outstanding visual quality and animation performance.
  2. Stable and high-performing physics engine.
  3. Extendable with endless possibilities and resources based on the enormous Unity ecosystem.
  4. Best price and at same time best performance. 
  5. Open source code.
  6. Deliverable as a compiled "game" to end customers as your own product and property.
  7. Powerful reuse of components and modularization based on Unity's Prefab system. 
  8. Runs on any platform like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android.

Our new Game4Automation Conveyor Library is from now on available on the Unity Asset Store. It adds to Game4Automation Starter or Professional fully parametric conveyor components which can be used for material flow simulation or virtual commissioning. The library can be purchased directly from us or via the Unity Asset Store.