We are proud to announce that today - just before Christmas - a first demo of Game4Automation is released. It can be downloaded for free on our website on https://game4automation.com/en/demo-game4automation

The demo is a compiled version of a Digital Twin which was developed based on the Game4Automation Framework. The demo will be in source code part of the framework and will be released togehter with it in January 2019. 

The demo shows how Machine Builder could deliver their own Digital Twin.  For Automation Sales, Concept Design, Simulation, Virtual Commissioning and 3D HMI. Without limitation and for free based on the Game4Automation Framework.

If you would like to keep informed and to register for the Game4Automation Framework please sign in here: https://game4automation.com/en/register




Gamechanger - 18 years of experience in the area of tradidinal simulation and commissioning software shows me, that the game has to be redefined today. Unity gaming technology has outdated commercial solutions from well-known providers in the PLM and Digital Factory environment in terms of performance, openness, adaptility and user-friendliness.

It is now necessary to make these new technologies available for users from tradidional mechanical design and automation engineering in the machinery industry and to adapt the new trend. We have dedicated ourselves to this with Game4Automation.com - with full commitment. In a new open, free and service-oriented way.

See our new Web-Page on https://game4automation.com. Sorry - the website is currently only in German but will be soon available in English.

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