Function Game4Automation Starter Game4Automation Professional Game4Automation Simulation Research and Education Bundle
Support Standard Preferred Preferred
Use case
Trial, simple projects
Digital Twins, Machine Simulation, Virtual Commissioning, Realt Time 3D HMIs for Machines
Material flow simulation of path based transportation systems (AGVs, conveyor sytems, transport systems), Real Time 3D HMI for transportation systems
Research and Education
Number of user (seats) 1 1 1 20
For commercial usage
3D CAD Import

Import STEP files
- -
Import 3MF files
- -
Selection Window for working with big CAD Assemblies - -
CAD Checker to optimize performance - -
Automation Interfaces

Siemens S7 Interface (TCP/IP)
Beckhoff TwinCAT ADS Interface - -
OPC UA Client Interface - -
PLCSim Advanced Interface - -
Simit Interface - -
Robot Simulation with RoboDK Interface - -
Standard functions

Scripting with C#
Visual Scripting with PlayMaker -
Drives and Drive behavior models
Sensors and Sensor behavior models
UI Buttons and Lamps
Transport Surfaces
Gripping and aligning parts
Hierarchy Window Icons
3D mouse scene navigation
Mouse scene navigation
Touch scene navigation
Simulation functions

Visual Editor for Simulation Pathes
- - -
Linear, Circular, Spline Pathes
- - -
Station (Work, Load, Unload)
- - -
Flexible Path Logics
- - -
Simulation of conveyors-, power & free- and AGV systems
- - -
Statistiks (Output, Utilization, Inventory)
- - -
Interface to InfluxDB and simulation result analysis with Graphana
- - -