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Public Member Functions

void Open ()

Public Attributes

string URLDoc = ""
string URLYoutube = ""
string URLSupport = ""
string URLRate = ""
string URLUpgrade = ""
string URLReleaseNotes
string URLLinkedIn
string URLTraining = ""
string TextHeader = "\nWelcome to game4automation! \n"
string TextInto
string TextLinkedIn = "\nJoin our LinkedIn User Community to keep informed."
string TextStarted = "\nPlease check our online documentation to get started."
string TextYoutube = "\nOn our Youtube channel, you can find several tutorials."
string TextTraining = "\nYou would like to participate in an online training?"
string TextSupport = "\nOn our Forum, you can ask questions and get support if needed."
string TextUpgrade
string TextRate
string TextReleaseNotes

Static Public Attributes

static Texture2D image = null

Member Data Documentation

◆ TextInto

string game4automation.HelloWindow.TextInto
Initial value:
= "\n" +
"Game4Automation is an open framework for developing industrial digital twins. Game4automation can be used for simulation, virtual commissioning, and 3D Human Machine Interfaces. Let's change the game for Digital Twins - affordable, shared source, extendable, and with gaming power based on Unity."

◆ TextRate

string game4automation.HelloWindow.TextRate
Initial value:
"\nYou are happy with our solution? Please rate our solution on the Unity Asset store."

◆ TextReleaseNotes

string game4automation.HelloWindow.TextReleaseNotes
Initial value:
"\nIf you are upgrading from a previous version please first check our release notes."

◆ TextUpgrade

string game4automation.HelloWindow.TextUpgrade
Initial value:
"\nYou need more functions like more automation interfaces or the ability to work with large CAD assemblies, then you could upgrade to game4automation Professional."

◆ URLLinkedIn

string game4automation.HelloWindow.URLLinkedIn
Initial value:

◆ URLReleaseNotes

string game4automation.HelloWindow.URLReleaseNotes
Initial value: