title: Assembly Definitions

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Assembly Definitions

Unity gives the possibility to organize organize Scripts into different assemblies by using Assembly Definitions (see https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/ScriptCompilationAssemblyDefinitionFiles.html).

If you are programming your own scripts, it might be necessary to include Game4Automation into your own assembly definition to get access to the game4automation assemblies.
Game4Automation is using the following assemblies:
Assembly defintion name | Description
game4automation.base | Base assembly for all Game4Automation functions
game4automation.editor | Game4Automation functions which run in editor mode
game4automation.interfaces.opocua | OPCUA interface
game4automation.interfaces.opocua.editor | OPCUA editor mode
game4automation.interfaces.plcsimadvanded | PLCSIM Advanced interface
game4automation.interfaces.plcsimadvanded.editor | PLCSIM Advanced editor mode
game4automation.interfaces.s7tcpip | S7 TCPIP interface
game4automation.interfaces.s7tcpip.editor | S7 TCPIP editor
game4automation.interfaces.sharedmemory | Shared Memory interface
game4automation.interfaces.sharedmemory.editor | Shared Memory editor
game4automation.cadlink | CADlink

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