Compiler Defines uses some compiler defines (also called Scripting Define Symbols) for managing different configurations. Compiler defines are switches which can be set to define which part of the C# source code are compiled or not. Sometimes it is necessary to use compiler defines to prevent unwanted compiler error messages.
Which compiler defines needs to be set is depended on the Assets you purchased ( Starter, Professional).

Compiler defines are usually created automatically once you install the Asset. You can reset the settings, including the compiler defines, by selecting game4automation > Apply standard settings:

You can find the current compiler defines under File > Build Settings > Player Settings > Other Settings > Scripting Define Symbols.
In some cases, for your own individual developments, it might be necessary to understand our compiler defines. Here is a list and description of the used compiler defines.

Compiler Define Description
GAME4AUTOMATION Standard compiler define which needs to be set to enable Standard and professional
GAME4AUTOMATION_PROFESSIONAL Compiler define which needs to be set only for Professional. The standard setting of the compiler defines for Professional is GAME4AUTOMATION; GAME4AUTOMATION_PROFESSIONAL
GAME4AUTOMATION_PLAYMAKER This compiler define needs to be set to be able to use the Playmaker nodes. These nodes are only included in Professional version. You should set this define only if Playmaker is installed.
GAME4AUTOMATION_VISCUALSCRIPTING Compiler Define if Unity Visual Scripting package is installed and should be used by
CINEMACHINE Compiler Define if Unitys Cinemachine is installed and should be used
GAME4AUTOMATION_AGX Turns on AGX Phyisics simulation capabilites in if AGX Unity Plugin is installed

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