Grip is used for connecting MUs to components that are being moved by a Drive .

Fix with rigid-body or as sub component

Grip is able to attach the MUs as sub components (recommended at the normal axis as moved by the drive) or to attach the MUs based on Fixed Joints.

Identifying the MU to grip

For each part to grip, the part needing to be gripped needs to be first identified. This is done by assigning a Sensor in Part To Grip. Each time Grip is started (later on you will see how the Grip is started) the MUs identified by the defined Sensor will be attached.

Picking MUs

Grip can be started in several ways.

Directly Grip
The grip action is directly started when a part is detected by the Sensor defined in Part To Grip.

Pick based on another Sensor
The grip action is started when a Sensor is set high. To use this function a Sensor needs to be selected in Pick Based On Sensor.

Pick based on cylinder
This is specially useful when modeling grippers. The pick is started, when a cylinder (selected in Pick Based On Cylinder) is fully retracted (Pick On Cylinder Max=false) or the Cylinder is fully extended (Pick On Cylinder Max=true)

Pick based on signals
You can connect a behavior model to the booleans Pick Objects and Place Objects to start picking or placing based on PLC signals. This two booleans can be controlled from a PLC by the Signals Signal Pick and Signal Place.

Placing MUs

MUs can be placed on other MUs in two ways.

You can place the MUs on another MUs or any kind of surface with the use of the physical behavior. This is done by just releasing the picked MU. Place Load On MU needs to be false in this case. Please note, that in this release, the MU attachment is not fully stable. Instead we recommend using Place Load On MU = true for placing MUs onto other MUs.

If Place Load On MU=true an additional Sensor (Place Load On MU Sensor) needs to be defined, that identifies the MU where the picked MU should be placed to. In this case, when placing the MU, the MU will be added as a Sub-Component to the identified MU. You can also check this in the properties of the MU script itself.

Aligning MUs

Pick Align With Object and Place Align With Object can be used for aligning the picked and the placed parts to a defined position. You can select any GameObject and the pivot point of the MU will be aligned with the pivot point of the selected GameObject. The complete orientation is aligned, including the center of the pivot point and all axes. The alignment takes place before attaching the object or after placing the object.

Please check the Game4Automation Class Reference for more information about the properties and methods of this component.

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