General compatibility

Unity is changing fast - sometimes to fast. We decided with Release 1.016 to generally develop Game4Automation based on a Long Term Stable release (see The advantage is, that this releases are updated and fixed by Unity for at least 2 years. This helps our industrial customers to rely on stable versions for an extended period.

Release notes

Starting with Version 1.024 you find the current release notes here:

This are old release notes (Version 1.023 and before):

Release 1.023

Bugfix Drivehandles (see Drive)
Parts4Cad is now included in Game4Automation

Release 1.022

Bugfix Drivehandles (see Drive)

Release 1.021

New Handles for defining Drive directions and interactions with drives during simulation (see Drive)
Optimized Null checks in component behaviors for improving performance
Better handling of OPCUA with Game4Automation professional

Release 1.020

Bugfix compiling with Net4.0 for running SHM / Simit Interface in Build
Bugfix compiling with Net4.0 for Cadlink interface
Fixed error messages when firt importing Asset

Release 1.019

Small Bugfix

Release 1.018

Fixed issue with Speed and Scale pull downs in Game4Automation-Controller.
Fixed Physics Collisions on rotating transport surfaces (e.g. Turntable)
New option for using rigid body movements for drives
Now using assembly definition files for game4automation framework
Fixed problem compiling CADLink with ILCPP
Added add Script MU and Source to main menu

Release 1.017

Fixed problem in some cases with OPCUA License message

Release 1.016

Upgraded to a long term support release 2018.4.8f1(see
Cleaned Namespaces
Naughty Attributes integrated
New objects BaseDrive, BaseGrip, BaseSensor, BaseSource as parent objects for self developed behaviour models. If these Base objects are used the hierarchy icon like it is done with the game4automation standard objects.
Signals are having now the ability for SignalChanged events, in the editor and via script programming (see Signal Events)
Better visual quality and centralized quality settings in Game4Automation object (see Game4Automation-Controller)
Integrated VR-Scene (VRLab) into Game4Automation Professional (see also Game4Automation-Controller)

Release 1.015

Small Bugfixes

Release 1.014

Small Bugfixes

Release 1.013

Bugfix S7 Interface PDU Size and Multitasking
CADLink is now also able to import during runtime

Release 1.012

Minor changes Starter version

Release 1.011

CADLink interface included in Game4Automation Professional

Release 1.010

Bugfix S7 interface

Release 1.009

Playmaker integration into Game4automation Professional. It is now possible to use PlayMaker based visual scripting. See section Visual Scripting.

Release 1.008

UI Components Push and ToggleButton are combined to one element (UIButton)
UIPanel and Buttons are now more addaptive to the screen size. Panel can be dragged in the size
Hierarchy View and Component Inspector added in Game mode
OPCUA Interface Bugfix for reading some nodes
OPCUA Interface is now able to call methods

Release 1.007

Small bugfixes

Release 1.006

Big bugfix for S7 TCP-IP interface, some types have not been converted correctly

Release 1.005

Minor bugfix in OPCUA Interface, updated documentation concerning needed .NET2.0 compatibility turned on.
Added 3D Navigation possibilites with Touch (e.g. on mobile devices) or 3D-Mouse Space Navigator (on Windows devices).
Top UI Bar is much more adopting to different screen sizes and resolutions.

Release 1.004

Minor bugfixes
OPC UA can now use own created client certificate

Release 1.003

Minor bugfixes
Sets automatically a define for Starter Version
Icons in Hierarchy are automatically turned on when asset is imported

Release 1.002

Now Includes OPCUA in professional version
Compiles now also with ILCPP on Android and IOs devices
Attention - new version numbering system - versions before are all 0…

Release 0.189

All external dependencies deleted (Cinemachine)
First Unity Asset Store Release

Release 0.177

Some minor Bugfixes
Ability to leave application with ESC or Close button in Play mode

Release 0.173

New Function for managing camera views (object CamraPosition)
Standard camera view on startup
During Player mode new key commands (F1,F2,F3,t,b,f,l,r) for different views

Release 0.160

Updated to Unity Version 2018.3.8f1
Bugfix S7 TCP-IP Interface

Release 0.156

PLCSim Advanced and direct S7 TCP-IP Interface included

Release 0.125

This is the first release. Currently only the Simit Interface is included. S7-TCPIP and PLCSim Advanced interfaces will follow in the next 4 weeks.

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