Selection Window (Pro only)

The Selection Window is enabling a fast selection of components in the 3D assembly (game object) hierarchy. You can select components based on the visibility status, assign groups to components and view and hide groups. You can find more information in the section below.

Opening the selection window

To open the Selection window please select game4automation > Selection window (Pro) in the game4automation menu. This will open this window:

Actions with ALL
In the section “Actions with ALL” you can sop the suppression of all components or show all hidden components.

It is important to know that there are two levels of selection. The first one is the normal Unity Selection (this means all highlighted objects in the hierarchy). You can save currently selected objects in a temporarily g4a selection by pushing Add selected. All actions that you are performing under Actions with Selection are performed on the Unity AND g4a selection.

Button Description
Add selected Adds the selected components to the g4a selection
To Unity selection Moves the g4a selection to the Unity selection
Remove selected Removes the selected objects from the g4a selection
Remove all Removes all objects from the g4a selection
Select Invisible Selects all invisible objects
Select Visible Selects all visible objects
Select Unlocked Selects all unlocked objects
Select Locked Selects all locked objects
Select Layer Selects all objects on the defined layer
Select Material Selects all objects with the defined material

Actions with selection

These are actions that you can perform with the selected objects. The actions are always performed for all objects in the current Unity and Game4Automation selection.

Button Action
Assign Material Assigns the selected material
Suppress children Suppresses all children components in the hierarchy view
To new Parent Moves the components to the new (selected) parent
Copy to empty Parent Makes a copy of the components and moves them to the new (selected) parent
To Layer Moves the components to the defined layer
Visible Makes the selected components visible
Invisible Makes the selected components invisible
Isolate Isolates the selected components (and makes the rest invisible)
View all Stops the isolation and displays all components
Lock Locks the components
Unlocked Unlocks the components
To Group Assigns the components to the defined group. If the group is not yet existing it is created.
Remove Groups Removes all groups from the selected components
Collapse same level Collapses all components to the same hierarchy level
Expand same levels Expands all components to the same hierarchy level
Pivot to origin Moves the pivot of the component to the origin of the defined component
Pivot to center Moves the pivot of the component to the center of the defined component
Static Makes the components static
Movable Makes the components non-static (movable)
Remove G4A scripts Removes all Game4Automation Scripts from the selected components


In the Group section, you can find all groups that are defined in the current model.

Button Action
+ Adds the selected components to the Group
- Removes the selected components from the Group
Hide Hides all components which are currently belonging to the Group
Show Shows all components currently belonging to the Group

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