Folder structure

All Game4automation information and contents are placed in the game4automation folder:

Here is a short description about the folder content:

Folder Description
\ (Main game4automation folder) All scripts and prefabs which can be placed into a scene
3DPrefabs Some example prefabs which are used for the demo scene
Documentation The offline version of the documentation. We recommend always using the online version, as it will be the latest.
Scenes The demo scene itself as well as special scripts for the demo scene
private Everything under the private directiy is usually not required by normal users and should be only changed if you are an experienced developer
private\Editor Scripts for extending the Unity editor
private\Interfaces Scripts for automation interfaces like S7, PLCSIM Advanced…
private\Navigation Scripts for navigation in play mode
private\Ressources Ressources such as icons, materials etc.
private\RuntimeUI Components for the user interface in play mode

Please note, that it is strongly recommended to put all your models and aditional scripts outside the game4automation folder. This is because the game4automation folder will be updated with new versions of the Game4automation asset.

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