User Interface

You find most of the Game4automation functions in the main menu bar under game4automation. Here you can add components or scripts to the scene:

Hierarchy Window

If you select Tools > game4automation > Hierarchy Window > Show > Show Icons, you can display additional information in the hierarchy window. This will show you signals as well as script types, that are attached to different hierarchy levels.

Locking / Unlocking objects

The hand icon is locking objects and preventing changes.

Hiding objects

With the eye in front of the hierarchy you can hide objects in scene view.

Deactivating / Activating objects

With the last icon (the square) the selected object is deactivated during Simulation mode and in same time hidden.


The Quickedit overly icons give access to the most important functions with just one click. You can create empty GameObjects, set positions to zero, rotate objects and add Kinematic, Drives, Sensors and other Game4automation components to GameObjects. The Quickedit overlay is changing the available functions based on the selected object(s).

Aligning Pivot Points

For algining the pivot points you can use the Pivot button. Normally this button is deactivated. You need first to select your reference object where the objects should be aligned to. To do this you need to press in scene view CTRL. The pivot button will get activated and you can select your reference object. After your reference object is selected the Pivot Button is getting green.

Now you can select one ore multiple objects. When pressing now again on the green Pivot button all selected objects will be aligned with the previous selected reference object.

Changing the Quickedit hide

The Quickedit window can be turned on/off with the Hotkey F1. You can change the hotkey in the game4automation controller inside the scene:

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